Ever adventurous Brian and his high school sweetheart Irene have always loved people and loved to have fun.   In 1989, having become famous amongst friends and family for throwing the best and most creative parties, they took friends advice and started helping others do the same.  Together over 36 years they have traveled all over the country showing customers that life is too short to sit and watch go by.

Brian and Irene, Co-Founders of RollingParty

Description of the company

Since 1989 RollingParty has thrown thousands of the most amazing and creative events including weddings, proms, concerts, tailgate parties, corporate outings, birthday parties and too many other varieties to list.

In 2002, not content being limited to four walls, they purchased a fleet of party buses to take the fun on the road. RollingParty now does events both big and small all over the country in new and exciting ways. Loyal customers include politicians, movie starts, athletes, and many Fortune 100 companies. But no need to be rich and famous to utilize their services. Their favorite events are for plain old folks like themselves.