Corporate Outings & Events facilitates impressive tailgate parties from coast to coast utilizing luxury executive motorcoaches/suites for events of all types across the country.  You'll find these hospitality experts entertaining guests at major sporting events nationwide, such as Football Championships, World Series, NASCAR, Kentucky Derby, Golf & Tennis Tournaments, Concerts, Shows and so much more.

Their coaches are large, late model, luxury units with the most up to date equipment, amenities and systems worthy of the most discriminating guest.  They provide everything your event requires from tents, fire pits, chaffing dishes, etc. to professional sound and video equipment, right down to tables, tents, chairs, cups and ice, or simply safe, comfortable and enjoyable transportation to conferences, outings, tours, and events.

RollingParty staff are highly trained, courteous and experienced.  Their job is to ensure your event goes perfectly in every way including transporting guests safely, setting up, ensuring your mobile suite and all of its systems work smoothly throughout your event, and cleaning up afterwards.  They have done hundreds of events just like yours and are able to foresee and avoid the pitfalls those less experienced may encounter that could ruin your experience. 

Consider joining the long list of Organizations, Celebrities, and Athletes who have entrusted with entertaining their guests.


Get the Show on the Road